Our Fabrics

Our fabrics are one of the things that make us sustainable, learn more about the textiles in our collection.


Linen is a natural textile made from weaving fiber from the flax plant. It's strong, absorbent, and cool - perfect for warm weather. It uses little to no pesticides to grow and is biodegradable.  


Hemp textiles are made from weaving fiber from the hemp plant. It makes a strong fabric. It requires little to no pesticides, is good for the soil, and uses very little water to grow. Hemp is a real winner of a fabric and has a similar look and feel to linen.

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is made from the fiber of the cotton plant. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides (which can be bad for the farmers & environment) and without nitrogen fertilizer (which can disrupt the ecosystem). It has the same soft and absorbent feel you know and love - just with less impact on the Earth. Natural & Biodegradable. 


Rayon from bamboo comes from weaving processed bamboo fiber. Bamboo is known for growing quickly and it requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Rayon from bamboo is very soft and has a nice drape, making it a popular alternative to traditional rayon.


Tencel(TM) is made from processed wood fiber. The processing happens in a closed loop, so the solvent chemicals are reused. The wood fiber is grown using less land and water than traditional cotton and is only harvested from certified and controlled forests. The result is a soft and strong fabric that is biodegradable.